The marriage relationship is a strategic relationship. Unlike other types of family relationships where you do not chose who is related to you in one way or the other, in marriage you determine the one you build a family with.

As it were it is like laying a foundation for other family relationships to spring from.

Your marriage is so important and it is a foundation that can determine how successful you will be; a stable marriage helps in achieving one’s purpose in life as well as shaping the offspring’s for life.

God depends on us to mentor the next generation starting from our children.

Ever before a child can make his/her choice in life, the parents are responsible for making choices on his/her behalf.

I will like to start from the issue of parents as individuals that greatly influence the development of their children and then we will see how the type of marriage they have will also affect their children.

As individuals, our Character types have a great impact on our children. So we need to know what category we belong to. Studies have proved that there are four character groups: Choleric, Sanguine, Phlegmatic and Melancholy. It is important for us to know so we can work on the weaknesses and harness the strengths.

For instance a Choleric Father or Mother should try to be less over bearing so that the children’s self-esteem is not crushed.

A Melancholic Father may need to be more outspoken especially when dealing with children who tend to be hyper active. Melancholies tend to withdraw to their shell but a parent cannot do this all the time and be successful.

When it comes to stable marital relationships, it is interesting to note the following:

  1. Man is like a digital being. It is as though the human mind or the soul has the characteristics of a technological gadget.

There are messages you pass across to someone without speaking a word.

The power of intuition is so great yet it cannot be explained.

What am I trying to say; As parents our non- verbal communication as well as messages we transmit via human wifi or Bluetooth all play a part in shaping our children.

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