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A simple remedy for relationship anxiety

The concept of dating,  marriage—even divorce—can evoke feelings of anxiety in many. This is a natural component of relationships with others; after all, we are sharing ourselves with somebody else, and that can make us feel vulnerable at first.

In my last post, I described how This still holds true. Now, imagine that the anxiety of one particular relationship transcends into our overall psyche, and consequently gets transferred to our other relationships. This knock-on effect can have a pretty significant impact on our happiness, making us feel a bit out of control for the most part. What’s more, the anxiety we experience in childhood (even in the womb!) can stay with us for a lifetime if we don’t take an active course in diminishing it.

To cling or not to cling

One of the more discernible ways that predict whether we fear rejection or fear intimacy is in our “attachment style,” a trait rooted in our childhood that extends into our adult relationships. In psychology, there are two ends of the attachment spectrum: avoidance and anxiety. Those on the avoidance end of the spectrum tend to be very self-reliant and uncomfortable with closeness and intimacy. At the other end of the spectrum, those with high anxiety fear rejection and are more dependent on others.

For instance, someone with high attachment anxiety may think their partner will leave them on a regular basis, constantly seeking reassurance, and may even interpret their partner’s actions in a negative way. If they have a more avoidant partner (one who fears intimacy), this clinginess may cause their partner to pull further away, making the anxious person feel even more insecure. See how this could turn into a vicious cycle of anxiety?

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