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How to Have a Great Relationship with Your Boyfriend

Relationships can be extremely rewarding and a source of joy. However, relationships are also challenging and take a lot of work. You and your boyfriend may really care about one another, but your relationship may not be where you want it to be. Learn how to better your relationship with your boyfriend so you can keep the relationship strong and fulfilling.

1. Improving Your Time Together

Spend time doing enjoyable things together. One way to better your relationship with your boyfriend is to do things together that you both enjoy. Finding joy in the time you spend together can help the two of you build a stronger friendship and a deeper bond. If you like each other more, your relationship will be better.[1]

  • For example, you can play card games, go for hikes, try new activities, or volunteer together.
  • The idea is to do something you both enjoy. Discuss things you like to do, then find a few you have in common.
  • Try to avoid doing the same things you always do. If you aren’t happy with where your relationship is now, doing the same thing over and over isn’t going to help it improve.
  • Ask your boyfriend, “What do you like to do when we’re not together? These are things I like to do.” You may say, “I saw there’s a new musical in town. I’ve always wanted to see one. Would you like to go with me?”

2. Show him that you appreciate him. After you have been with someone for a long time, you might start to take for granted that he knows how you feel about him. Maybe you’re not in that honeymoon phase anymore, but you want him to know how you feel about. Let him know that you care and appreciate everything he does.

  • For example, you can thank him for paying for dinner, for taking out the trash, or for holding the door open for you. Say, “I really appreciate how you took the trash out last night” or “Thank you for the coffee you brought me. It made my morning.”
  • Tell him how good you think he looks, how you like the beard he’s grown out, or that you like his new cologne. Tell him, “That shirt looks so great on you” or “I love that new haircut. It makes you look handsome.”
  • Dress nice for him. Wear his favorite shirt, the underwear he likes you in, or the fragrance he likes the smell of.

3. Show him affection. If you’ve been in a relationship for awhile, you may have stopped being as affectionate or physically loving with each other outside of sex. Sex and affection are two different things. Show more affection outside of the bedroom. Just make small changes to show more affection when you are together.[3]

  • For example, you can touch him more when you talk, hold his hand, or rest your head on his shoulder.
  • Be present when you kiss him instead of a quick distracted peck.
  • Spend time holding each other and cuddling when you watch television.

4. Do small things for him. You don’t have to make a sweeping romantic gesture to get your relationship back on track. Small things are sometimes more meaningful than large gestures. Start doing small, thoughtful things for your boyfriend when you are together. This will show him that you care, pay attention, and think about him.[4]

  • For example, bring him his favorite flavor of coffee when you get together in the morning, or have his coffee waiting when he wakes up. Buy his favorite snack food at the grocery store, or pick it up before you go to the movies.
  • If your partner always loses his pens at work, buy him a pack to keep in his car. Keep an extra pair of sunglasses in your car for him if he always forgets his.

5. Be playful. One way to make your relationship better is to keep it light. Being playful with one another is a way to deepen your connection and communicate. You don’t just have to be serious with one another to improve the relationship. Joking with each other, acting silly, and engaging in lighthearted activities that make you both laugh can make you feel closer to one another.[5]

  • Lightly tease each other about things, bring up inside jokes, and smile or laugh when the other one says something funny.
  • Remember that any teasing or joking should be fun and playful, not mean-spirited

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