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What my Children Taught me about Work/Life Balance

October 6, 2016

34781edc00000578-0-proud_parents_rhony_stars_joe_and_melissa_were_all_smiles_as_the-m-70_1463868085491When I decided to start a family over 25 years ago, I never really considered the full impact on my work and personal life. I knew these little darlings would change the way I lived my life (less travel… more diapers), but I underestimated how they would alter my attitude towards work. In honor of Work and Family Month, I wanted to share my story of how a personal tragedy turned into a thriving business opportunity.

I had an unusual first-time mom experience in that my eldest son, Jason, was born with a heart defect and Down Syndrome. I was devastated by this news and wasn’t sure how I was going to handle it. Working at Intel at the time, thankfully I was able to negotiate a part-time work arrangement after he was born (otherwise I would have had to quit). Part-time work options were not the norm back in the late 1980s, but I had a very understanding and caring boss. Having figured out my work schedule, I now needed to arrange for part-time child care, which, as a first-time parent, was a daunting task. Needless to say, finding care for a special needs child was especially difficult. With minimal support (not many resources were available back then), I personally researched over 70 child care providers — one asked me when Jason was going to outgrow the Down Syndrome! I finally secured a good spot with a family day care provider, an Occupational Therapist staying home with her three kids. Having a reliable, trustworthy child care option enabled me to focus on work again. (Read More)

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