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Business Aims to Restore Balance to Children’s Brains

6Center uses drug-free techniques to address neurobehavioral disorders.

About three months after opening, the owners of a new business helping children ages 4 to 17 are expanding their staff to keep up with demand.

Starting a Brain Balance Achievement Center franchise seemed natural for Charles Hornback, and his wife, Dr. Cindy Hornback, a Lakewood Ranch chiropractor, after they learned about the founder’s drug-free techniques to help children with neurobehavioral disorders, such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, autism and dyslexia.

“We are giving them the tools to be able to focus,” Charles Hornback said.

The tailored techniques, related to the study of how the right and left brains work, are the creation of Brain Balance founder Dr. Robert Melillo, an internationally known neurobehavioral specialist. He has written several books, including “Disconnected Kids,” “Reconnected Kids,” “Neurobehavioral Disorders of Childhood” and “Autism: The Scientific Truth About Preventing, Diagnosing, and Treating Autism Spectrum Disorders – and What Parents Can Do Now.”

Some of the center’s cognitive and sensory services include eye-tracking studies and exercises to strengthen eye muscle strength, balance techniques, social skills, nutrition counseling and meetings with teachers and counselors in a child’s school. (Read More)

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