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Balancing Work and Children is a Constant Juggle of Guilt

2It’s Getting Better closer to Christmas and my children have their evening nativity plays coming up. I found this out while putting lunches in bags for my young daughters, Katy and Lauren. Katy wants to practice to show teacher, but we have no time. I drop my girls to school, promising we’ll practice this evening and make a mental note to allow time for this.

Getting out of the house even on a normal day is stressful, as I’m under pressure to get to work myself. Then from time to time, routine goes completely out of the window. Like when your four year old develops chicken pox overnight.

This happened last Wednesday, but an urgent phone call to my mum sorted the situation. We’re blessed to have that. We know a lot of parents don’t have the luxury of simply making a phone call to a nearby parent and for them, it means staying home and missing work.

Both my husband Jim and I have jobs, which is great for the financial security of our family. However the trade-off is that I have one eye on the clock all of the time. I have notes scribbled on our calendar in the kitchen, so I can remember which days the girls have Irish dancing and swimming and who’s going to drop them off and collect them.

Balancing it all 

Then just like us, their evening engagements seem to increase over Christmas. The words “juggle” and “guilt” are used constantly in our household because that is the only way to balance work and childcare. (Read More)

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