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An Urgent Need to Balance Parent and Children Vacations

10We are celebrating Lag BaOmer today, but instead of collecting wood with the kids and preparing potatoes to roast, we are worried about something else: How will we handle the 2-day vacation that has been imposed on us during this busy month that already has so many days off?

Let me be clear: As parents, we love spending vacation days with our children. Yom HaAtzmaut, for example, was a pleasure. Our family spent the day together, hiking, picnicking, and meeting friends. We even had time to discuss Israel’s founding and study the Declaration of Independence. In other words, it was an opportunity for family bonding, which is the perfect way to re-charge.

But then there are days when our children are on vacation and we are not. What makes this so difficult, if not impossible, is that instead of spending time with them, we’re busy finding arrangements for them. In the best case scenario, the grandparents come over. Less ideal is finding a babysitter, but the worse case scenario is becoming increasingly common: leaving the children at home while the parents go to work. Why? Because parents don’t have enough vacation days. (Read More)

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