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6 Foods to Reverse Aging with NMN

This past week, a new study showed that old mice could be made young, thin, and energetic again with the natural compound NMN or nicotinamide mononucleotide. In fact, the results showing reverse aging with NMN were so promising, the first human study is now underway in Japan. In this article, I will teach you what NMN is and show you how you may reverse aging with NMN through six foods.

What is NMN?
NMN or nicotinamide mononucleotide is a naturally occurring compound that stimulates production of another compound, called NAD or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. As part of the aging process, your body produces less NAD as you get older.

Sadly, when NAD levels drop with age, inflammation or rusting of the body, shoots up. As studies have shown that keeping inflammation low throughout life is a key factor to living to 110 and beyond, anything you can do to keep inflammation low will help you to enjoy great health at 100. Thus, more NAD and less inflammation could be the way to reverse aging with NMN.

NAD Supplementation Studies Failed
As keeping NAD levels high is important to slow aging and keep inflammation at a minimum, many longevity researchers, including Dr. Shin-ichiro Imai, MD, PhD from the Washington University School of Medicine, tried to see if they could reverse aging with NAD supplements. Sadly, his research, as well as research from other longevity studies, failed.

Last Week’s NMN Mouse Study Covered by TIME Magazine
Given NAD supplements failed to reverse aging, Dr. Imai and his colleagues approached this challenge from a different angle. Rather than give NAD supplements, what if they gave mice NMN supplements and then let the mice naturally boost NAD by converting NMN to NAD.

As you have probably guessed, this study was wildly successful. Newspapers around the world reported this past week that Dr. Imai may have found the “fountain of youth.” Indeed, this NMN mouse study even landed them a prominent TIME Magazine article.

The NMN Mouse Study
In this NMN mouse study, Dr. Imai and colleagues took adult lab mice and then randomized them to one of three treatment groups. The first group was treated with low-dose NMN dissolved into their drinking water. The second treatment group drank high-dose NMN in their water. Lastly, the third group had nothing added to their water.

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