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5 Benefits Of Removing Chlorine From Your Bathing Water

December 4, 2019

Chlorine is added to our water supplies to remove bacteria, but it can be very drying on the skin. Whether you have eczema or not, you’ll feel the difference in the softness of your skin and hair after using a bathing water filter.

Here are 5 great benefits of removing chlorine from your bathing water:

1. Softer skin – ideal for eczema

Have you ever got out of the bath or shower and experienced redness or tightness of the skin? Perhaps you have eczema and find that your symptoms flare up after washing or going swimming?

Although not everyone with dry or eczematous skin will experience the same level of irritation from chlorine, it is a common complaint. Some people with eczema may find that they suffer from irritant dermatitis as a result of being exposed to chlorine. Many of our customers have reported a significant improvement in their symptoms and softer, smoother skin after using a water dechlorinator.
“Since I’ve started mistreatment this filter on the shower, the change is obvious on the whole family’s skin.. my youngest daughter skin has nearly no sign of eczema.” (Feefo independent feedback for CQ-1000 shower filter)

2. Softer hair and longer-lasting hair colour

Do you have dry or brittle hair? Are you fed up of semi-permanent hair colours not lasting as long as they should? The chances are, chlorine in your bath or shower isn’t doing you any favours! As it is a bleach, chlorine can be very drying on the hair and gradually strip colourants away. After a swim, hair can often feel dry and unmanageable – chlorine in your bathing water has a similar effect. Although the concentrations are lower, you are exposed to it on a daily basis. A water dechlorinator removes chlorine and the associated drying effects, leaving you with softer hair that is easier to manage.

3. Reduced irritation from chlorine fumes

Some people with asthma report that inhaling chlorine fumes from the bath or shower can be an irritant to their lungs. A study on professional swimmers linked exposure to chlorine to worsened asthma symptoms among those already sensitised. Although the concentrations of chlorine are much lower in the bath or shower than they are in a swimming pool, it is worth noting if you have a sensitivity to these fumes. A water dechlorinator removes virtually all of this chemical, meaning no more chlorine fumes to inhale.

4. No more chlorine smell

Many people can smell the chlorine from their bath or shower. Not only is this generally unpleasant, it can also be a trigger for people with multiple chemical sensitivity. This is a highly individual condition and people’s triggers will vary, but some of our chemically sensitive customers have reported reduced irritation in the bath or shower as a result of dechlorinating their water.

5. Convenient and easy to fit

Our shower filters can easily be fitted at home in minutes, with no plumber required. The Crystal Ball bath dechlorinator can be used instantly with no DIY needed. The units are so easy to fit and remove that many of our customers take theirs with them on holiday! As there is no plumbing necessary, they are perfect for use in rented properties and even caravans (just check the water pressure first).

Try a water dechlorinator and feel the difference!

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