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4 steps to a balanced life as a studying Murri mother

There’s a lot of pressure being a Murri student. Indigenous students make up just 1.5% of the university student population*, so I feel pressure to do well, not just for myself but also for my community. I am acutely aware of the responsibilities I have toward my mob and doing well at university is one of them. Indigenous uni students are often older, which means many of us have families to care for while studying and we frequently choose degrees that allow us to go back into our communities and create positive changes.

University can be a challenging place. There is so much to read, but textbooks and supplementary material are only the tip of the iceberg. Mastering referencing, meeting new people, engaging in class debates, keeping a study schedule while maintaining decent grades and managing a social life has proven difficult to cope with.

Oh, and once you throw a few jarjums (kids) into the mix … BAM! You’re juggling a million responsibilities, while bouncing around like a maniacal clown. By the end of my first semester, my mind was noisier than a three-year-old denied a cookie.

Things needed to change. Either I made my crazy clown skills available for hire at weddings, parties and any other event, or I would have to knuckle down and find a way to manage my commitments, children and a whopping dose of maternal guilt. Tempting as over-sized shoes are, I chose the latter option.

So, what’s my game plan? How do I manage university, parenting and my own cultural responsibilities?

I’ve become a deadly planner and streamlined my life with these 4 steps:

To read more please follow : https://social.usq.edu.au/study-kids/2014/11/blog-kate-deadly-planner-children

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