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4 Holistic Tips for Winter Skin Care

Have you noticed that during the winter, your skin is more prone to breakouts and seems dull, dried out, and ashy? Harsh wind, snow, low temperatures, and decreased humidity leave their mark on your skin. Not to mention the indoor heating and great stress caused by switching from freezing air to warm one.

In addition to minding your skin type, there are two things you need to consider: rotating skin care products with the change of seasons and taking a holistic approach to your beauty routine.

Here’s how you can ensure it looks and feels great even in winter:

1. Discover the magic of dry brushing

Exfoliation during the winter is extremely important. Dead cells that pile up prevent the products to penetrate to deeper skin levels, leaving your skin dry and under nourished. Most of us are pretty disciplined with using face scrubs but when was the last time you did the same for the entire body?

Dry brushing has proven to be a great way for getting a smoother, glowy skin. It also plays its part in the detoxifying your body because it stimulates the lymphatic system which helps with processing toxins. It also increases circulation and some report it helps with diminishing cellulite. Nevertheless, your skin will be revitalized and the process of brushing is soothing, like a light massage for the whole body.

2. Eat your way to healthier skin

Your nutrition affects your skin’s health and appearance more than you probably assume. It can even impact your hormonal levels. Start by changing your mindset: mindful eating and healthy foods don’t necessarily mean tasteless daily meals. Sure, food prepping requires a certain amount of time and effort but it goes a long way. You need to take care of your skin from the inside, too.

For breakfast, try juicing and savor a nice, balanced smoothie. Always turn to superfoods: a nice veggie salad and a hard-boiled egg (or similar sources of protein) are a great way to start the day. Skip sweet bagels as they increase the production of a hormone called androgens which causes the skin to produce more oils, resulting in more pimples. Make smarter choices: if you’re a sweet tooth, it’s ok to indulge yourself, but opt for dark chocolate: it’s filled with antioxidants.

3. De-stress and detoxify your body

Exercising has proven to be a great way to get rid of the toxins from your body. Science backed data says it literally detoxes harmful chemicals that cause mood swings and depression while helping with handling stress. You can try intensive workouts (such as high intensity interval training or speed cycling) or more moderate ones, such as yoga and jogging.

Yoga might be the best way to really focus on the mind-body connection, just like meditation. Deep breathing exercises help you unwind while you become more aware of your body’s needs. Start your day by drinking a cup of green tea or a glass of lemon water: this will boost your metabolism and help with flushing toxins. For detoxifying skin on the outside, use firming vitamin C serum that will ensure your skin stays pure and dewy.

To give your skin a nice energy boost, use Epsom salt when bathing: the hot water drives toxins to the surface and as it cools down – it pulls the toxins out from your body. Epsom salts support this process.

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