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10 Sustainable Household Wood Products

01Moving towards making more conscious choices is a process. The transition can take weeks, months, and even years! We have our whole diet and lifestyle to consider, and some aspects of this are harder to change than others. Consider the home, for example. Once upon a time it’s almost certain we bought items that weren’t cruelty-free, ethically-sourced or sustainably-produced. Some of these items are more obvious than others, such as feather-filled duvets or leather couches, and then there is wood.

Sometimes it’s the most basic things in life that we overlook but our furniture, and other wood-based products, should always be chosen with care. Wood is perhaps one of the most versatile materials used today as it is suitable for a variety of items, combining elegance with strength, whilst also proving easy to manipulate into any form or shape. However, although wood is both appealing and useful, almost all of these products are made with timber from unsustainable logging practises.


Most of the wood products we have in our home today come from forests that have been harvested by clear-cutting, a method which involves the entire forest being levelled. All os the trees and vegetation are removed, completely obliterating the landscape, before being replaced by a single-variety tree farm.(Read More)

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