Working Together: How is the Relationship with Healthcare Professionals Regulated?

20I want the people that make the medicines my family uses and the people that prescribe them to have a strong, productive and ethical relationship. To me it seems entirely sensible that there is an open exchange of information between the scientists and experts that spend years developing a new medicine and the clinicians that will make decisions on our treatment. It is a critical relationship and one that has delivered much for many over the years.

It is also a relationship that is changing constantly. In recent years, companies have placed less emphasis on sales representatives and calls, instead focusing on providing opportunities for peer-to-peer interactions with company medics and researchers. The way medical education is provided, clinical trial information is shared and the transparency of financial interests has all been subject to learning, change and development. It is a continuous process because it’s a relationship that we are committed to and we want to secure the basis for positive collaboration in the future. (Read More)

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