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How to Work with Power & Balance in Relationships.

It is perfectly natural for one partner to lead and the other to follow from time to time.

17However, when one partner has the majority of control and is constantly leading, relationships can sway out of balance leaving the other partner to feel oppressed, worthless, invaluable and ultimately, powerless.

There are many variables that cause an imbalance. The majority of them come down to how one person views or judges the other. If one perceives themselves to be more attractive, more financially secure, have a better career or if they feel as though they could be in a relationship with someone “better,” they may think they hold more power than the other.

One partner may feel unworthy of the other’s love and affection or as though they love their partner far more than they are loved. This can cause someone to feel inferior and the imbalance can create the passing of power, inadvertently, to the other partner.

What begins as a thought or belief in the mind can cause us to act and behave in ways that puts our relationship off balance, as our partner picks up on the vibrations we send out. The person who is perceived to be “loved more” or to be a better “catch” than the other person can feel that this must be true. Subconsciously a negative dance takes place. (Read More) 

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