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Walker Works to Rekindle his Relationship with Wisconsin

5Wisconsin State Journal Reporter Says Walker’s Low Approval Ratings Will Be Difficult To Overcome

Since dropping out of the presidential race in late September, Gov. Scott Walker has redirected his attention toward Wisconsin, hoping to rekindle a relationship with state voters whom he’ll need to rely on should he run for a third term.

But with a sagging job approval rating, Wisconsin State Journal state capitol reporter Matt DeFour says it won’t be easy.

Walker’s unpopularity is widespread throughout the state, according to the latest Marquette Law School poll. Since bowing out of the race last year, he’s seen his approval rating drop to an all-time low of 37 percent, taking big hits in the northern part of the state. Additionally, 61 percent of those polled said they would not like to see him run in the next gubernatorial race.

“He certainly seems to have a lot of work cut out for him in just reconnecting with those voters, and that’s I think what we’ve seen him trying to do over the last four months,” DeFour said.

While Walker hasn’t unequivocally announced if he’ll seek reelection in 2018, he has made hints. But DeFour suspects voters won’t know more until the presidential race shakes out and the attention moves to gubernatorial races.

What we do know, said DeFour, is that former Gov. Tommy Thompson is advising against it. (Read More)

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