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How to Use the Auction House on Order and Chaos -Secret Tips and Tricks

b9317836191z-1_20150711230150_000_ghdbab25d-1-0To use the auction house on Order and Chaos, you must be at one of the locations. Each location is in a different land, but it is one, big, global auction house.

Items put up in one land can be seen from all the others. This means all of the other players can buy and sell from the same place.

That is what the auction house is a place for real players to buy and sell materials, gear and consumables found in the game.

While you are out in the world, you will see items dropping from enemies. These items can be stored in your inventory and then placed on the auction house.

Vendors and merchants will buy these same items but at a tiny fraction of the price. Real people are willing to may much more.

Reasons to Use an Alt for Auctions

Reasons to Use an Alt for Auctions

There are many reasons why you should make an alternative charterer for your auction needs. This only applies to selling of course.

1. Frees up inventory space.

2. Keeps game play free of auction complications.

3. Allows you to experiment without getting anyone mad at you.

4. If you keep your character a secret, people won’t beg you for free gear, materials and gold.

5. Allows you to step away from auctions without worrying about your mail box overfilling.

6. it’s easier.

You can then use this gold to buy:

  • Mounts
  • Gear
  • Materials
  • Scrolls
  • Goods
  • Bond stones
  • Riding permits
  • And much, much more!

Getting to The First Auction House in Order and Chaos

Each land, or region, has an auction house location. The first auction house you encounter is in the town of Greenmont, the capital of the world. (Read More)

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