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Undergrads with Children Face a Difficult Balance

3The stresses of the end of the academic year often seem unending. From studying for finals to trying to fit everything you own into a few suitcases, the tasks of closing out the year can seem insurmountable. Imagine adding more stress with extra things to do, such as putting a temperamental 4-year-old to bed and coordinating doctor’s appointments for a sick 5-year-old. These are the additional stresses and challenges some Richmond students face.

Tracee Carter, 30, is a Richmond undergraduate studying journalism. She is also the mother to Rocky, 9, Cai, 4, and Aree, 11 months. Jeff Karow, 46, is also a Richmond undergraduate, and is studying history and criminal justice. He is the father to Emma, 4, and stepfather to Andrew, 18, and Brooke, 14.

They spend their days balancing their childrens’ needs with their academic obligations. Balance is the key to their success – they are both active participants in campus life and are present and accountable parents. (Read More)

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