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Two easy things to do to improve your relationship

Every morning, my mother sends me a good morning message. Sometimes they are photos she clicked. Of familiar objects in her house, of a familiar road in her village in Kerala, a tree where we used to sit talking, a flower which bloomed in her garden. Each image evokes a myriad memories and a nostalgic feeling so deep, I ache for beautiful Kerala.

Sometimes she sends a message, a forward that she found interesting. Today she had sent one with the picture of a Buddha, and it read “Time decides who you meet in life, your heart decides who you want in your life and your behaviour decides who stays in your life.’

I replied back to her saying sometimes it is their behaviour. That people leave for no reason, even though you did nothing. There are other things going on inside their head. Things you don’t comprehend, because they have not shared it with you, for reasons known only to them.

Even the closest of friends may hold back many things. This might be because of the way that other person behaved in the past, or because of some insecurity that if you shared this then it might lead to an outcome you want to avoid.

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