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Top 20 Tips for Keeping Home Safe and Sustainable

25Everyone knows that preparing for a holiday getaway is a process in itself. From unplugging electrical devices to making sure the trash is taken out, every person has a checklist that needs to be completed.

More than likely your checklist includes locking the front door before leaving (we hope at least). But ensuring security in your household while you’re away is a lot more than simply checking to make sure everything is under lock and key.

Hitches & Glitches, a home maintenance company under the Farnek Group, has offered its top 20 tips for keeping households safe, secure and sustainable, whether you are present or away on holiday.

Top 10 security tips (if you spending a part of the summer on holiday)

  • Check all doors and window locks are well maintained and secure and never leave the key in the lock.
  • Secure all car, home and garden tools that could possibly be used by a thief to break into your home.
  • Almost 50% of burglaries happen in empty homes, so if you don’t have a maid or a close neighbour, make sure you fit an automatic timer to activate lights when dusk falls and switches them off at dawn.
  • Keep cash, phones, jewellery and high-value items out of plain sight to discourage opportunistic thieves.
  • Before going away on holiday cancel newspaper deliveries and ask a friend or neighbour to keep an eye on your home while you are away.
  • If you do have a maid ensure that she asks any visitors to the house for identification, especially random tradesmen.
  • Ensure you leave all of your contact details just in case visitor verification is required or in case an emergency arises.
  • Avoid telling strangers that you are going away on holiday, even if it’s your hairdresser you never know who is overhearing your conversation.
  • Don’t place photographs or messages on social media sites while you are away on holiday. Same goes for your voicemail at home and at work.
  • Finally have an alarm fitted and register your home with the Dubai Police. (Read More)

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