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Tips and Tricks To Balance Busy Children

May 13, 2017

On March 8th, I discussed what a busy child was. Just a quick recap, this list describes a busy child. Intense Emotions Full of Energy Persistent Perceptive Irregular Moody Sensitive Doesn’t adapt well Highly Focused So let’s break it down. From the time they wake up, until the time they finally go to sleep, these.

From the time they wake up, until the time they finally go to sleep, these buggies are at top speed. How does a mother prepare for that? Well, just like with the high maintenance baby, the big key is to sleep when they do, so you are not run down. You have to look at these buggies with a very positive disposition, and explain things to them often to help them keep focus, and prepare yourself on how to divert their attention and focus when needed.

The moods of our buggies can change frequently as it is, but add in the busy child, and you’ll notice that they hold grudges longer, and can remember when you didn’t give them candy, etc., etc., etc. That doesn’t mean bribe them to like you, but you will have to work at it if you lose their trust. I’m already a firm believer that if you promise something you should follow through. Broken promises hurt, no matter how little you think they are, they mean the world to a buggy. And to a sensitive soul, it hurts even more.

Each emotion is intense, and each mood can change rapidly. Our little buggies are difficult to get into a schedule, but once they are there, you cannot stray. They will even let you know, when they are older, that you changed something or missed something in their schedule. Also, by scheduling them, you are getting them focused on what they need to be doing, which can help them remove focus from something they shouldn’t be doing.

Give these buggies something to do. If you’re cooking or cleaning, and they are doing anything they can to get your attention, including intentionally doing something they shouldn’t. Get them involved in what you are doing. Today, I was washing and drying dishes. Belly Bug just wouldn’t let me do my thing, so I asked her if she wanted to help. She was over joyed, and helped mama dry dishes. When she was done, she happily went outside, and kept the rules in mind, to play with her sister. And also let them know when it is time to help mommy and when it is time to find something else to do. A promise to help mommy with something later, may be all the redirection your buggy needs.

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