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Things to Remember while Working a Day Job and Building your Dreams

i-recently-left-a-career-in-teaching-to-become-a-writerI recently left a career in teaching to become a writer. While I currently work as a freelancer, this is not my ultimate goal. I noticed my freelancing gigs taking priority in my schedule and building my own business falling to the wayside. I started gaining weight from my new sedentary lifestyle and isolating myself to get my work done. I found myself feeling anxious because I was nowhere closer to finishing my first book and getting it ready for publication.

I decided that something had to change. I did not leave teaching and start pursuing a dream to have added stress with no progress. I realized that my freelancing jobs would get done anyway. I would never let a deadline go by without delivering a quality product, but why was I willing to sacrifice my dreams, my relationships, and my health? I decided that I wasn’t.

Your Dreams

It might seem obvious that you need to make time for your long term goals, but dreams can seem so far away. Everything else around us seems more pressing and even urgent. If you are working a day job and building your own business on the side, I’m pretty sure you are a responsible person. You don’t seem like a slacker to me. The errands will get done and the bills will get paid because that’s just who you are. You know what won’t get done unless you prioritize it? Building your business. It cannot be something you do if and when you have time. You need to create space for it. Go ahead and pencil it in even if you can only start with 15 minutes a day. Make this time non-negotiable. It’s the difference between dreams remaining dreams or becoming reality. (Read More)

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