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A Sustainable Work Environment Breeds a Healthy, Happy Culture

culture-and-environmentLove and marriage. Peanut butter and jelly. Culture and environment? You bet! But what does environment (as in setting, atmosphere or surroundings) have to do with culture? Everything.

As it turns out, we announced our headquarters’ move from the suburbs to downtown Cleveland around the same time we began writing this Shift Happens column to engage readers in a conversation about organizational design and development approaches supporting a sustainability strategy. The move was to solve a growing space problem, reinforce our belief in the urban core, attract and retain the best and brightest employees, create an atmosphere to ramp up a culture of collaboration and innovation and “walk the talk” of sustainability.

How to solve a growing space problem

A growing business usually means the need to hire more people — a good problem to have. But does having more people necessarily mean more space? There has been a lot of conversation about the increasing need to incorporate collaborative work areas into office space planning. Finding a balance of a space where employees can interact and private space where employees individually can focus is ideal. But how much space should we allocate per person? According to the CoreNet Global Corporate Real Estate 2020 survey of 500 corporate real estate executives, the metric has changed from 225 square-feet in 2010 to 176 square-feet in 2012, and is projected to reach 151 square-feet in 2017, with 40 percent of survey respondents indicating they would go below 100 square-feet by this time.

Smaller space per employee translates into a lower carbon footprint. Conversely, many factors play into the space reduction. For instance, increasingly sophisticated technology allowsBrownFlynn to have its managing director working from Los Angeles. One of our senior consultants is in Ann Arbor, Mich. (Read More)

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