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Stretching keeps your Body Young and Healthy

November 21, 2016

manstrecthingStretching helps muscles become flexible and ensures blood circulation so that your body doesn’t become stiff. Children are able to mold into any position due to their muscle flexibility, but adults require more energy as their muscles are tight. So include stretches in your daily life to feel younger, healthier, ensure blood circulation and keep yourself flexible.

Most of us have heard about how daily stretching can help decrease the risk of injuries, but it can also reduce muscle tension, help improve posture, increase range of motion and decrease pain all at the same time!

Muscles, like any other tissue on our body, need circulation and movement in order to be healthy. When we don’t stretch, our muscles become fatigued and overused in certain positions making them weak  and less pliable.

A lot of people who spend a great deal of time in front of the computer seem to experience the aches of lower back pain. When someone spends a lot of time seated, the front of their body, where the legs are bent, starts to get really tight and the lower back becomes overstretched. The hip flexors (muscles that raise up the leg) stay contracted for long periods and contribute to this pain.

Stretching can provide symptom relief. If you stretch your neck often, you can actually reduce headaches. Stretching the back and hamstrings as well can reduce backaches. Think of your muscles like a bungee cord.
Stretching can also keep you more elastic and flexible. When you have flexibility, you hurt less and move better. Your joints have less resistance to movement so you actually use your energy better because the body doesn’t fight itself so much. (Read More)

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