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How to Stop Stressing Over the Little Things.

19Who here is guilty of getting a major stress head over things that shouldn’t even affect them?

I’m talking like a full on, cartoon steam coming out of the ears stress head.

That is me right now.

Like getting angry because I can’t get something to work, even though I know that if I stop, and take a break I will be able to get it to work again, but because I am so caught up in my own little anger world I won’t allow myself to do anything else until its fixed.

Or even getting stressed and worried about things that you probably cant even control. Like getting stuck in traffic, or train delays or most recently the shops running out of my favourite chocolate bar.

Stressing about the small stuff, is something that I do on the regular, probably more than bigger problems that actually do warrant a stress level. I could probably add stressing unnecessarily to my CV its that much of a habit.

Life is full of these little delays, frustrations and major inconveniences and normally we can just take them in our girl-boss stride and wipe them aside. But sometimes, when we let the world get on top of us, the smaller stuff can be escalated to be so much more than it is. Which can severely affect not only your mental but your physical well-being. Worrying and stressing even over the little things can increase our blood pressure and cholesterol, can impair our moods, memory and ability to learn and grow and can even affect our immune systems. So if- like me, you manage to get every single cold, bug and infection going around, it may actually be down to your silly little stress head impairing your bodies immunity. But don’t worry there are a few little simple solutions we can adapt to stop the little things from completely taking over our lives. (Read More)

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