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Stop the Stress! 9 Tips for Increasing Work Happiness

2Everyone deserves to love what they do and be happy at work. After all, we spend nearly half of our waking hours there! But life has a habit of stressing us out, and then work piles even more obligations onto our teetering pile of To-Dos, Must-Dos, and (eek!) Past-Dues. Sometimes it’s just difficult to feel alert and excited when we arrive at the office each morning.

Unless you already dance into your practice each day, prioritizing and finding small ways to improve your outlook while at work is the most important place to start. Here are some simple tips for conquering stress and increasing your workplace happiness without feeling stressed and miserable about it.


Reset your brain

Before you get to work, instead of focusing on everything you have to do today, think about what you like best about your job. Maybe there are particular tasks you enjoy, maybe your team is great to work with or you love interacting with patients, or maybe you’re just thankful your vacation is coming up soon! Finding positive aspects of work life to focus on helps you charge up to face the day. (Read More)

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