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Stop, Relax and De-Stress with the Kids

boysWe all need a moment to relax.

In a world where we are always on-the-go, trying to balance a life that can consists of school, kids, cleaning, work, trying to hit the gym to keep up with a healthy lifestyle, and backed-up construction-filled bridges when we just want to get somewhere, we break down in the stress of it all.

And sometimes we fail to realize that the little ones around us feed off that stress and it impacts their health as well.

That’s why on Saturday, April 30th, Shine Yoga and Bodyworks is offering a KIDS Day to Shine in which kids, newborn to age 13, and parents can de-stress and work on a physical and mental healthy lifestyle.

The event consists of several yoga workshops, at various times, listed below:

9:15-9:45: Baby Love (Parent and newborn)
10-10:30: Munchkin Yoga (Parent/Child)
10:45-11:15: Kids Rock Yoga (Kids ages 4-8)
11:30-12: SuperHero Yoga (Kids ages 4-8)
12:15-12:45: Pre-teen yoga (Ages 9-13)

Each class is a minimal fee of $7. Shine Yoga and Bodyworks is located at 4703 16th St., Moline. (Read More)

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