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Stop Ignoring the Impact Stress has on your Organization

4Stress costs businesses $300 billion each year in medical expenses and lost productivity. It’s time to start thinking strategically about the impact of root causes of stress in your organization, and what you can do about it.

Stress is the inevitable result of running a profitable enterprise. Deadlines approaching, inboxes overflowing, to-do lists mounting: pressure comes from all angles. And your team members bear the brunt of it.

It would be impossible to eliminate stress altogether. But you can drastically improve productivity and employee engagement if you identify the anxiety your team experiences and work to reduce it.

The first step is to diagnose and address some of the common culprits.

Ensure Realistic Demands.  Employees may be concerned with how much control they have over their schedules. What’s the work/life balance in your organization? Have you hired the right people for their respective roles, and are those positions designed for success?

Reward Exceptional Effort. Does every member of your team feel appreciated? To encourage high productivity and sustain great work, recognize great work. Incentivize employees who go above and beyond. (Read More)

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