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How to Set Boundaries and Improve Life Balance

Work day boundaries

working-remotelyWhen I began relief work, I asked myself when I’d be willing to work—or perhaps more accurately, when I was not willing to work, and could I be paid enough if I only worked those hours? Was I willing to work weekends? Was I willing to work overnight shifts? Evenings? Holidays? Was I willing to be on-call? If I were on-call, how would I charge for that? Would I charge more for non-traditional hours? Did I want weekdays off so I could work harder on weekends for more pay? How many hours a week did I want to work?
I decided to limit my work to weekdays. No weekends—ever. No on-call situations. No overnights. No holidays. No exceptions.

At first, it was awkward to turn down the weekends. I felt so guilty. I’d squeak out a small “no,” followed by a profuse apology, followed still by a long explanation of why I couldn’t do it. I then offered suggestions for other relief veterinarians who could do it. It was crazy.

After a while, saying “no” became easier, even second nature. I realized that the world did not depend on me showing up whenever anyone asked me to. Owners found other veterinarians to work weekends, nights, and holidays, but they still kept me on for the weekdays. It was amazing.

To this day, most owners continue to ask me if I’ve changed my mind about weekends or other odd shifts, but now they aren’t surprised when I simply say, “I’m sorry, I’m not available for that.” No explanations. No long-winded apologies. No guilt. (Read More)

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