How a Scarcity Mindset is Holding you Back from your most Abundant Life

One of the most used statements of scarcity in the world is “I can’t afford it.” If personal finance were a category on Family Feud, “I can’t afford it” would be the No. 1 answer on the board.

For example:

I’d love to go to Hawaii, but I can’t afford it.

I’d love to hire someone to help me with my business, but I can’t afford it.

I’d love to move to a nicer neighborhood, but I can’t afford it.

They’re all statements of scarcity. But if you dig deep, there are two critical things to understand about these kinds of statements:

First, scarcity statements are habitual.

We tend to think and speak scarcity statements without real awareness. We’re not consciously saying, “Look, I ran the numbers for last month. We’ve got a 27 percent budget shortfall, which leaves us insufficient cash flow for the Hawaii project.” We’re just knee-jerking a habitual “I can’t afford it” because that’s what we’ve always done. The phrases just pop out of our mouths by default—in fact, we’ve been saying them for so long we don’t even hear them anymore.

This is a crucial insight. If our thoughts of scarcity and, as a result, our words of scarcity are habitual, then scarcity itself is also habitual. (Read More)

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