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How to Reduce Stress: Stop Rushing Around All the Time

15Do you often find yourself rushing during the day to cram everything in? The morning is a flurry of activity to get out the door, traffic is a busy nightmare, work is insane? Yeah, I can imagine you nodding your head. It stinks to feel like you’re in a constant battle to rush, rush, rush. Every second seems to count. I know that when my life becomes rushed day after day, I start to feel like someone is robbing me of my actual life. It’s as if I blame my own activity on an invisible taskmaster. The truth is no one else is hurrying me out the door and through my day at high speed. Every time I rush it’s because I’m choosing to.

What are you really accomplishing by rushing?

There’s also a very practical question about rushing: How much time are you really saving by doing it? Stop and think about it seriously for a moment. Exactly how many minutes or hours are you saving? I once clocked myself driving somewhere in a rushed way and then in a totally relaxed way. I saved three minutes total. Three minutes! That’s it. If I were an emergency room doctor rushing to see a patient, or I had to unlock my shop because an employee called in sick, then rushing there would make sense. Those three minutes could mean saving a life or not losing a customer. But for most of us those three minutes aren’t really worth the racing heartbeat, the surge of adrenaline, and the inner feelings of resentment. (Read More)

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