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Q&A: why children need a balanced “diet” of tech

Research from BT and the University of Cambridge shows some people are “overwhelmed” by technology

More than a third of people feel “overwhelmed” by technology, according to BT-sponsored research from the University of Cambridge.

The Study found a third of adults and 43% of children were trying to limit their use of communications tech – with social-networking sites a prime target for cutbacks.

The researchers suggested those overwhelmed by tech – especially parents – need to find a way to balance its effect on their own and their children’s lives, comparing it to striving for a healthy, balanced diet.

We spoke to Cambridge researcher Anna Mieczakowski and BT’s head of strategic research Jeff Patmore to find out more.

Q. The research recommends giving children a “balanced diet” of technology and communications. What do you mean by that?

Mieczakowski: Children copy the behaviour of their parents, such as with food, and the same goes for technology. If [parents] give children chocolate throughout the day without putting any rules about when they can eat it, or leave a fridge with ice cream in their room, of course children without any guidance will help themselves to it all the time.

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