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Plan Now to Reduce Future Financial Stress

tax-season-can-be-a-stressful-time-for-taxpayersTax season can be a stressful time for taxpayers.  From the last minute scramble to compile records to the uncertainty associated with whether unexpected money is owed to the IRS, tax time can create a tremendous amount of anxiety.  In fact, according to Michael McKee, a Cleveland Clinic psychologist and president of the U.S. branch of the International Stress Management Association, “Money is a major source of stress on people, and what tax season does is shine a great big spotlight on the issue.”  While tax time can certainly be difficult, there may be a few things you can learn from it to be more prepared next year.  Remember, now is the time to address next year’s return.

Outsource your stress

Despite calls by some politicians to simplify the tax code, the bottom line is that it can be quite complex and overwhelming in its current form.  Rather than prove you are capable of struggling through your taxes on your own, why not consider outsourcing this stress and aggravation to a CPA tax professional that can help.  Sure, doing your own taxes can save you money.  However, ask yourself how much your time is worth as you pour over your own documents and are still left wondering if you missed anything.  While leveraging tax programs can help, the stress of being sure that you didn’t forget anything still lies squarely on the taxpayer’s shoulders. (Read More)

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