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Organized Chaos: The Natural Law of Order

1574R-02582BHumanity thrives on the premise that order prevails as a result of deliberate intentions hence our constant urge to be its de facto custodians. However, order predates human existence and is a preserve for a higher power. The defiance of this natural law, though providing a short-term solution has catastrophic consequences in the long term. It is without saying that you do not mess with Mother Nature; advise which is to be ignored as owner’s peril.

For even in chaos and turmoil, order will always prevail buttressing the proposition that order exists in disorder. All living organisms are guided by unwritten laws, which provide guidance and natural order even for the animals in the jungle. It is this order that prevents self-harm and obliteration of our entire race thereby protecting us from extinction.
Firstly, it is important to define order in order to provide context, though its definition is marred by subjectivity. For order is a product of one’s environment and upbringing; what one might consider order might be considered disorder to another. We will define it as a state of tranquility and the existence of systems or laws by which all abide for the greater good of their own and others’ existence. (Read More)
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