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A New Relationship with Your Kids: 5 Skills for the New Year

01There are so many New Year’s Resolutions made each year, and it’s a commitment to keep them! One of the resolutions that I think is the most important that you can make for this new year is a more loving, respectful, and communicative relationship with your children in 2016. Here are my top five tips for creating the type of family that you desire with play therapy principles!

Tracking Behavior

It is extremely helpful to pay attention to the things that interest your children, even if you are not actively involved in the creation of the fort or the serving at the tea party. Telling them what you see them doing is a powerful way to make them feel loved and noticed. As you observe their actions, state their behaviors back to them. This would sound like: “You are stacking the boxes taller.” or “You are giving everyone their tea.”

Reflecting Feelings

This is one of the basics for play therapy principles. Any time your child expresses an emotion, positive or negative, you tell them what you think they are feeling. Try to match your tone of voice and facial expression to theirs. Keep the reflection simple, short, and concise, without a lot of inference or explanation. This might look like: “You are so excited!” or “You are frustrated.” (Read More)

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