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Moving Property: How to Stop the Stress

6Europe is a big place, but you never quite realise how big until you’ve relocated across borders.

Despite the European Union (EU) allowing the free flow of its citizens from one country to the next, the application processes to live in a new country can be a real headache. Add to this the inherent stress in upending your previous life and the veins in your head will almost be ready to pop.

You’ll have to deal with authorities from where you’re moving to and where you’re moving from, pack up all your belongings, lose cash in the currency exchange rates and try to find connections in a strange new city.

It’s no wonder people regularly claim that moving house is one of the most stressful activities they’ve ever had to perform. While it might not compare with entering a war zone or jumping out of a plane, it’s still enough to pump up your blood pressure irreparably.

There’s no such thing as an easy fix to your moving blues – but there are ways keep yourself organised. (Read More)

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