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Men, You Can Have Fantastic Relationships With Women

It’s 2015, and fantastic relationships between men and women are sadly in the minority. I think that the problem comes from common misunderstandings between the sexes.

Men and women make a lot of assumptions about each-other; assumptions about the ways that we’re different and about the ways we’re the same. Often, we’re incorrect, and these assumptions pull us further apart from each-other, when what we need is to come together.

The best thing to do is let go of these assumptions and see each person with fresh eyes, allowing them to show us who they really are, so that we can respond to their actual needs and feelings.

We need to talk to each-other more about what really matters to us; about the things we can’t tolerate and the things we can’t live without.

The more open we are, the more likely it is that we’ll get what we want and avoid the things we don’t want, in our relationships.

It’s not always easy to communicate, but if we don’t, we’ll stay stuck in frustration, misunderstandings and disconnection forever.

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