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Lindsey’s journey to a healthy spirit, mind & body

By admin / September 29, 2016

chris-lindsey-and-family-1-1024x655Most people join a gym with the intention of shedding a few pounds. For Lindsey, the search for good health was all-encompassing, involving not only her physical wellbeing, but also the strength and confidence she needed to put herself first. Here’s her Y Story:

I remember what my life was like before I joined the Y: I found myself in an extremely challenging phase, feeling like everything was out of my control. It took some convincing, but I realized that what I did have power over was my attitude, disposition, and health. I decided to take control of what I could.

The first step in that process was becoming part of the Y family. There, I learned that being “healthy” means not only working out; it’s about cultivating your mind and soul, as well as your body. By taking charge of my own health, I came to see that these three things — my healthy mind, body, and soul — were the only tools in my arsenal that could propel me out of my circumstances and let me enjoy the greatest personal growth of my life.

Discovering the community that is the Y was a very powerful and rewarding gift for me, and the universe delivered it at the most perfect time. I loved seeing all the cheerful faces at the front desk who greeted me every morning, and am so thankful for the camaraderie I enjoyed with my fellow Y members. That sense of community is what makes the Y special: I don’t have to work out alone. Instead, I get to be energized and motivated by all the inspiring individuals who take part in and teach my group fitness classes and small group training sessions.

Getting to work in small groups with a trainer was what really brought out my passion for fitness. Having that next level of personalized attention let me see my own strength — what I’m capable of accomplishing with a little willpower. Training with a small group motivated me to always push myself further, so I never feel like I’ve plateaued. It’s actually the opposite: training’s taught me I’m able to push way past what I used to think were my limits. Now, I genuinely look forward to a challenging workout, because just for that hour, I know I can focus purely on me; just for that hour, nothing else matters.

I’m so grateful for the Y and all the great opportunities it has to offer, because without them, I never would have discovered the real meaning of “good health,” in all its facets.

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