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Labor Day: Harbinger of Order over Chaos

donald-trump3When we were children, most of us started school again each fall. We had to let go of the free, unstructured time of summer and move to the predictable routine of school life. Once we become adults, this rhythm continues, even though we work at our jobs through the summer and Labor Day only brings one day off.

Here in the Northwest, summer is entirely different from winter, weather-wise (and maybe other-wise). Our normally wet, rainy climate turns downright sunny and arid in summer. When the change comes and the sun is out, people drive badly. We want to tear off ALL our “layers” and wear flip flops. A certain “disorder” (sometimes even chaos!) enters our existence. But we don’t mind – in fact, we welcome it! So what if the laundry doesn’t get done or the garage cleaned – it’s beautiful out and we are obligated to enjoy it!

Labor Day brings the end of summer.  Suddenly, there are squash and pumpkins at the market. We find ourselves lost in our closets, unable to decide what to wear. Congress returns to work and the normal news cycles restart. (Read More)

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