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The Key to a Healthy Relationship: 3 Things to Keep in Mind

By admin / November 29, 2016

coupleWe often come across people who find it difficult to engage in fruitful relationships; the reason behind this could be that you need to be the giver and not the taker. Many a times, we see relationships fail and that is because it did not start with making it work for both the partners and must have originated with making it work for “ME”.
In simpler words, for a relationship to be successful and healthy, one does not have to be an expert at human relations; you just need to understand that there is no room for selfishness.
1. Instead of prioritizing yourself all the time, give a thought to how you can help your partner and be useful to him. Try to be available in times of need and make it easier for him to communicate with you. Do not give your partner the feeling that you are difficult to approach. Be munificent, and this is where being altruistic comes in.

2. When you give your partner something from the heart it is very important that you turn a blind eye to the money, because even if it is something tiny, it holds the biggest place in his heart. Do not always think that what you have spent for your partner is an expense, and instead consider it an opportunity to be rewarded for. You may be capable of buying anything in this world but do remember that money comes and goes and there are a million ways that you can earn money from, but a healthy relationship and happiness are things that money can’t buy. (Read More)

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