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Just the Three of Us: Building Relationships with My Kids

04Last week, I took my kids to Cheekwood to see the Human Landscape exhibit. It was a beautiful day, and we took our time strolling through the gardens and winding our way down to the trains. We even took a nature walk down a path I never knew existed where we saw deer frolicking in the woods on either side of us. After Cheekwood, we went to The Food Company for lunch and ate outside on their lovely patio before heading home. It was a perfect day. So why did I feel so lonely?

The truth is, I’ve been feeling a little lonely ever since the summer ended. The summer felt effortless—the long, lazy days passing with coffee dates and pool meetups. As homeschoolers, my kids’ two-day-a-week supplemental programs didn’t start until September, but most of my friends’ kids started school a month or more ago. Several of my friends either went back to work or are using that time to catch up on the bazillion things they didn’t get done all summer. My kids have been feeling the loss of school starting as well. Many times they’ve asked if they can see someone, and I’ve had to tell them no—because that friend is in school.

I know what you’re thinking—that I chose to homeschool, and that’s just what comes with the territory. I’ve thought the same thing myself, but I never intended our homeschool days to be lonely days of sitting down at the kitchen table with workbooks. Like Amanda mentioned in her recent post, I like to be out and about with my kids. Staying inside and listening to them bounce off the walls makes me go bananas. To me, homeschooling means days at Cheekwood, the Zoo, the Frist, our fantastic public library, and the Children’s Theater. I want them to explore the entire world, learn foreign languages, visit other parts of the planet, and study other cultures. If anything, homeschooling—to me—is about broadening their horizons, expanding their focus, and not closing ourselves off from the world. (Read More)

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