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How we Plan for your Future

1. We get to know you

about_us_groupWhen you meet with a StatePlus planner we will:

  • Listen to you and make sure you feel comfortable
  • Work together to find out what matters to you most
  • Explain your options and any costs involved

We simplify the complexities of managing your money so you get advice that will make a genuine difference to you and your family.

2. We develop your financial plan

Your StatePlus planner will put together a strategy for you that:

  • Is based on a clear understanding of your individual needs
  • Makes reaching your goals achievable. We’ll tell you what you can do (not what you should have done)
  • Is focused solely on your best interests. Our planners do not earn commissions so we won’t recommend products you don’t need

You’ve worked hard to earn your money. We’ll work hard to give you the future you deserve. (Read More)

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