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How To Minimise Our Exposure To Chlorine

November 2, 2019

Chlorine – we’re used to it in a swimming pool, however somewhat controversially, it’s in the regular tap water we drink and wash with. But why is it in our water?

Chlorine – we’re used to it in the local swimming pool, but it is also in the regular tap water we drink and wash with. The Australian Government Department of Environment explains chlorine is used as a “purifier”, and in human drinking water and swimming pool systems as a disinfectant.

What are the side effects of chlorine?

According to the water filter company Waters Co, chlorine can be an energy zapper – they explain that chlorine can be absorbed into the skin (the same way skincare products can be absorbed) once showering and bathing thus if you’ve got sensitive skin or mild eczema prone skin you will need to minimize your exposure. Waters Co adds that chlorine can also vaporize into the air when showering, so keeping your bathroom well ventilated.

Concentrated exposure to chlorine will cause burning of the eyes, nose, and mouth. And, we all know it doesn’t do your hair any favors; particularly for colored or dry hair as chlorine (especially in pools) will cause hair to feel dry and fade out and even alter the shade of colour treated hair.

How to minimize exposure to chlorine every day

With a shower filter – Install a Vitamin C shower filter, such as Waters Co Therapy Shower Filter. Do beware that some filters use sulphites to neutralize chlorine which should be avoided if you are sensitive sulphites. The above Waters Co filter uses Vitamin C to neutralize the chlorine and includes added natural sea collagen to help hydrate the skin each time your shower.

Recent research conducted by Macquarie University NSW has indicated that our regular. They indicated that contaminated tap water may be detrimental to brain development and cognitive functions. I personally use this Waters Co Ace 1.5L Alkaline Water Filter which not only removes chlorine, copper, leads and other contaminants but up to 99% of fluoride* too. It features an ionized carbon and alkaline minerals that remineralize and ionizes drinking water designed to keep it alkaline (while tap water is generally alkaline, some water filters can strip the water so it is more acidic). Using one of these jugs is also great for the environment and works out to only 3 cents per liter. Much cheaper and eco-friendly than bottled water!

Use a bathwater neutralizer – The Life Basics Bath Softener is great for kids and adults with skin issues. Developed our naturopath, it has been designed to help neutralize the chlorine in the water which you and your family bathe in. It contains Dead Sea Mineral Salt which is rich in nutrients and this is combined with Vitamin C, which is widely known to help neutralize chlorine, this combination may help manage common skin issues such as dryness.

You can also make your own chlorine-neutralizing spray to use on skin when you come out of the local pool. Mix one small teaspoon per 100ml of water. Pour into a small spray bottle and spray onto the skin. Note: a new batch needs to be made each time, as the mix won’t remain stable. To help shield your hair from chlorine swimming pools, you can coat it in some organic coconut oil.

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