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Holiday Cookies: Family and Extended Family Relationships

12Let’s face it; maintaining close ties with members of your extended and even immediate family can be difficult. When the reality of intra-family conflict is factored in with the time limitations and far distances that keep us apart, fostering intimacy with family members can be a true challenge. Regardless of the issues that keep us apart, the holidays are a good time to reconnect. Here are some suggestions for improving the quality of your relationships with family and extended family over this holiday season.

Just call to say hello – A kind word and a hello can go a long way. Drop a line! It will be appreciated.

Send a thoughtful gift – This could be anything from a favorite baked good, to a holiday picture or card with warm wishes written on the back. Gifts such as these let family know that even though there may be conflict, and you may not have seen them in a while, the relationship is important to you. Such gestures are significant.

Invite them over for a family gathering – They are a part of the family, so make them feel like it! Invite them to Christmas dinner, or for drinks and card games Christmas Eve if they have their own plans for the big day. Extend a warm, sincere invitation, and it will likely be accepted. (Read More)

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