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Having A Fantastic Relationships

Are you feeling frustrated in your relationship? Do you find that no matter how hard you try, there is often  disharmony between you and your loved one? Are you ready to have the fantastic relationship that you  deserve?As a Marriage, Family Therapist for 26 years, I have helped many couples with a process I developed, HART: Holistic and Rapid Transformation, experience the loving partnership that they deeply desired, . The clients were successful in raising their self-esteem; healing old hurts with other loved ones (especially Mom and Dad), releasing their negative beliefs about relationships and improving their communication.

I noticed that the clients often had similar needs, and did not know how to express their desires in a positive way. In order to help them to communicate, I gave each client the following list, and asked them both to check-off what they wanted to say to their partner. Then the clients exchanged their lists, read what their lover requested and expressed whether they were willing to give them what they wanted.

Most of the time, because they loved each other and really wanted their partner to be happy, they were more than willing to do what was requested. In fact, they shared how glad they were to receive clear messages. To help you have the fantastic relationship you desire, you may want to do the same with your partner. Take the time to check-off what you both want, and give each other the gift of communicating constructively and honestly.


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