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Your Happy Relationship with Food at Work

3What do you have for lunch at work?

Attitudes to the workplace are changing and improving quickly. More and more businesses are realising the worth in nurturing the brains behind the operation. It’s not rocket science – the right food affects both attitude and productivity – and, if you can convince employees to eat TOGETHER too, you can throw improved relationships and general cohesiveness into the happy mix.

On busy days, it’s easy to forget that eating is not just about ‘re-fuelling’ – it’s about addressing a more complex need. There is irony in this too – busy days are precisely the times where our forgiving bodies are crying out for extra doses of health-giving nourishment. Sadly, the human condition means that we may translate this into a need for coffee. Your body never actually needs coffee!

Give your body the love it needs, and make the effort to understand what makes your own phenomenal machine function at peak capacity.  Make the most of the huge food choices you have at our disposal. Experiment, enjoy and listen to what your body says.

Energy levels

If you’re not 23 anymore and you’re keen on a slab of red meat in the middle of the day, your digestive tract may feel like it’s trying to dissolve a brick by 3pm. That’s a situation that’s easy to avoid. Do yourself a favour, think ahead and avoid hard-to-digest red meats or giant carb-fests. The energy your body needs to put into digesting your lunch will be its top priority – your spreadsheets and meetings will be second in line. (Read More)

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