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Get Healthy by Removing Mercury from your Body

September 28, 2016

dentist-4Dental amalgams were first used by Su Kung in China in 659 BC. They are next noted in history in Europe in 1528 when a German doctor recommended them. In 1578 a dentist, Li Shihchen described a mixture of 100 parts mercury, 45 parts silver and 900 parts tine that he was using.

Mercury’s effect on the body

Dental amalgams have been controversial for many years. Just as the mercury used by hat makers in the 17th century to cure the felt they used in hat making caused the hat makers to go mad, mercury has many other toxic effects on the human body. Mercury exists in three different forms which have differing levels of toxicity: methyl mercury, elemental mercury, and inorganic and organic mercury.

Today’s dental amalgams consist of 50% elemental mercury that is combined with an alloy consisting of silver, copper and tin. Exposure to elemental mercury causes:

  • Tremors, which are atypical body movements caused by something affecting the nervous system
  • Severe emotional disturbances, including extreme nervousness, mood swings that mimic bipolar episodes, irritability, and withdrawal
  • Nerve-related muscular difficulties such as muscle wasting, feebleness, and tics and twitching of the muscles
  • Headaches of varying severity
  • Touch and other sensory disturbances
  • Alterations in the various neural responses in the body
  • A noted deficit of cognitive functioning
  • Possible kidney failure, respiratory failure and death.

According to holistic dentist, Dr. Tom McGuire, mercury is so poisonous there is no safe amount that can be in the human body. Even the World Health Organization has declared that there is no safe amount of mercury for the human body. This has made the job of companies that handle dental wastedoubly difficult, as they must find safe ways to dispose of mercury waste. (Read More)

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