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Fat College Student Claims Healthy Lifestyle Programs Promote ‘Body Shaming

January 31, 2017

body-shaming-and-makes-fat-people-feel-really-badDelicate obese leftists have decided that telling Americans to finish what’s on their plate and not waste food is “body shaming” and makes fat people feel really bad.

Jade Pearl Frost is a student at Colorado College. She said that her first impression of the school was that many of the students were “extremely fit,” especially the men, she notes.

“The campus was crawling with future male models for Patagonia, REI, and North Face. Colorado College (CC) prides itself in promoting a healthy lifestyle for its students,” she writes. And this is evil.

Frost (who repeatedly describes herself as fat on her website, and seems particularly ashamed of it) says that the college’s efforts to keep students from wasting food is really just a subtle way to make fun of fat people.

The “Tigers Don’t Waste” program in one of the dining halls at CC is one example on how the culture subtly shames students based on their consumption. The program, which was started by students, encourages other students to watch what they put on their plate as a way to minimize food waste. I remember when it first started, there was a lean male student sitting in a chair where students were scraping their plates and putting them back in the kitchen. The man would check each student’s plate and give them a sticker if they had no food waste and would give a not-so-gentle reminder to those who still had food on their plate. In “‘They Are Weighted with Authority’: Fat Female Professor in Academic and Popular Cultures,” Christina Fisanick notes, “American culture encourages and is proud of abundance, of having more than we can use. However, as much as we are pushed to consume, we are pushed even harder not to show signs of consumption.” The “Tigers Don’t Waste” student program is one way to praise students for hiding their food consumption, while scrutinizing others for showing that they have too much food consumption. If a man shows signs of consumption, then he is showing that he does not have control over his body. If he does not have control over his body, then how can he be masculine, if masculinity is about being in control? This loss of control of the body will lead to trying to regain control through going to the gym and engaging in outdoor activities. (Read More)

See the compete original article at : http://thefederalistpapers.org/us/fat-college-student-claims-healthy-lifestyle-programs-promote-body-shaming

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