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Fantastic Relationship

Fantastic Relationship : 3 Easy Things to Make Your Relationship Fantastic.

I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t in a relationship. We all are, it’s a part of us to be social, whether it’s a relationship with a sibling or parent, a friend or colleague or, that relationship that we find the toughest, your significant other. I said relationship, I didn’t say fantastic relationship.

Today we’re talking about a relationship with your significant other. Relationships need consistent work—you change, so does your partner; you press each other buttons, you disagree, you have conflicting values and rules and you and your partner lie on different parts of the masculine/feminine spectrum. No wonder we have challenges!

I’m going to offer you three things to light up your relationship, I’d like to call it winter warmth. They’re things you need to know and acknowledge.

  • You’re both responsible for your relationship.

It’s not just ‘all about him’ or ‘she never listens’—get rid of those statements, they’re not helpful. You need to have a conversation and acknowledge that it’s not one sided, both of you must put work into the relationship. The key to how to make the dialogue equal is below.

  • Your relationship is a choice, not a decision.

If you don’t choose your partner 100%, the back door to leaving is always slightly ajar. Any slight thing can be blown out of proportion to become big giving you the excuse you need to leave. We’re very good at this, we love to keep our options open just in case something better turns up on out doorstep. If you want to know more about the difference between a choice and a decision, call me and we’ll have a conversation about it. In a nutshell, a decision comes from your logical brain and is reinforced by historical events and always has conditions attached. On the other hand, when you choose, that’s all you do, “I choose to be with Tracey because I chose to be with Tracey!”; nothing more and, of course, you begin to understand your choice comes from your heart.

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