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What to Expect when you get into a Relationship for the First Time Ever

neighborhood_bbqIt won’t always be easy but believe us when we say that your first relationship will always be special. It’s a chance to create precious memories with someone you care about while learning valuable life lessons along the way.

We’ve rounded up some of the things that you will definitely encounter in a new relationship. See if you’re truly ready for this new chapter in your life.


Being in a relationship for the very first time puts you in an exhilarating position. Everything feels new and you cannot wait to discover what makes falling in love for the first time so special. It’s a great chapter of your life where you are handed a clean slate to create the best memories with your partner. Plus, there’s also that long list of firsts still left unchecked! There’s so much to look forward to.

Just imagine your first kiss, your first romantic date, your first road trip, and other relationship milestones that would surely be the start of endless inside jokes and special traditions. In fact, even your first fight as a couple seems exciting just because it’s something that has not happened before.


Being in a relationship suggests that you have to share yourself with another person. It means that there might be some hidden chapters in your life that you would eventually need to share and there might be some secrets that you would have to reveal along the way. It also implies that being completely open with another person can unravel some of your insecurities. (Read More)

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