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How to Establish Effective Boundaries for Better Work-Life Balance

23Great benefits like flextime, unlimited PTO, and telecommuting can create a better work-life balance but, if you like your current job and they don’t happen to offer these benefits, you can still improve your work-life balance. The secret lies in the boundaries you set! Don’t believe me? Here are a few tips for establishing effective boundaries for better work-life balance. You’ll want to try these ASAP!

1.Daily Priorities List: If you’re preparing for the final push on a large project you’re going to work more hours. If you want to attend your friend’s 30th birthday party you’re going to want to leave work at a certain time and get no work calls that evening. A part of establishing your own work-life balance is looking at what your daily priorities and obligations are and making sure your schedule can fit in those fun, important personal things while balancing that out with a little extra work if necessary other days of the week.

2.Communicate Your Boundaries With Everyone: It may not be easy but you need to tell your colleagues and bosses that you’re busy with an event and need to leave at a certain time and stay out of reach. Similarly, it may not be easy but if you’re up for a promotion soon you may need to explain to your family or significant other that you’ll be working a few late nights. The important thing to remember about establishing work-life balance is you shouldn’t apologize for making one thing a priority over another but you need to be prepared to explain what you’re doing, why, and deal with the consequences if you consistently prioritize work over life or life over work. (Read More)

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